Heidi Scott Giusto, Ph.D., ACRW, CPRW, CEIP, CEMC

business leaderMy clients have described me as a kind guide, a fierce editor, and a secret weapon. I relish the opportunity to help individuals and businesses succeed when the stakes are high. Prior to earning my Ph.D., I worked in a factory for 5.5 years while completing my undergraduate and master's degrees. Today, I combine my Research-1 education with my blue-collar work ethic to deliver superior results to clients.

I'm what some might call a nerd, having earned a Ph.D. from Duke University as well as multiple career certifications for interview coaching, resume writing, and empowerment coaching. But I prefer to consider myself addicted to learning, and I leverage my background to help individuals and businesses reach their goals.

My writing and critical thinking skills have been honed through work as a writing consultant, freelance writer, academic and professional editor, and Duke University Admissions reader. Testimonials highlight my track record of helping clients market their businesses, publish their books, land interviews, receive job offers, and get accepted into their programs or schools of choice. In addition to helping countless other people follow their career path dreams, I’ve successfully applied for and received more than $300K in fellowships, scholarships, and grants from institutions including Duke University and Harvard University.

One of my specialties is in helping job seekers and academics in career transition, and I also do a fair amount of institutional training in the form of workshops. I work with professionals in wide-ranging areas including tech, pharma, banking, government, research, sales, engineering, and academia. My favorite and most invigorating coaching moments occur when a client and I discover how to turn a possible red flag into a selling point the client actually wants to highlight and discuss. I’ve helped people transition into large companies including Google, IBM, and NBC.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses create powerful marketing messages that accurately reflect their services’ or products’ true value. I deliver this result by combining my critical thinking, writing, and analysis skills with a genuine interest in getting to know my clients and their passions. In the past, I’ve been a writer and consultant on a variety of projects including speeches, books, websites, marketing copy, and curriculum. I also currently serve as the professional writing consultant for a master’s program at Duke University, for which I teach professional writing workshops and provide individualized consulting sessions to working professionals.

When assisting program applicants, I most frequently help with the written components of applications but also offer full-service coaching to guide an applicant through the admissions process. I am currently a College Admissions Counselor for AcceptU, a premier independent college consulting firm, and am a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling. I also work with clients returning to or continuing on to graduate and professional schools (Ph.D. programs, law, and med). Applicants I have worked with have gained admission to a range of universities including Harvard, Oxford, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, Cornell, UVA, and UC San Diego School of Medicine.

I have been featured in US News & World Report, Vitae, Youngstown State University Magazine for Alumni and Friends, and Ph.D. Career Guide, among other publications. My writing regularly appears in publications for FBI-LEEDA, and I have also written for Bitesize Bio, MFGJobs, and Career Igniter.

Outside of work, I hang out with my husband and kids and am still working on my next career milestone of becoming a professional beach bum.

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