Application Materials

Competition is fierce when applying to jobs and universities. The growing use of streamlined, online submission methods has also increased the number of applicants, resulting in an intensely competitive job search and admissions process.

You can stand out from the crowd by having exemplary application materials that are clearly written and share a compelling message.

What can you expect when working with me?

  • Highly customized services, tailored to your unique needs. I combine competencies in consulting, coaching, teaching, writing, and editing to deliver top-notch services and results to clients.

Who do I work with?

  • Job seekers in transition
  • Ph.D.-holders seeking opportunities outside of academia and looking to apply their skills in a different role or industry.
  • People in the top of their field, whether that is Business Executives with 20+ years of experience looking for a change or internationally regarded experts.
  • Applicants to graduate, professional, and undergraduate schools
  • Anyone working on a document that really matters (that is written in English!)

What can I help you with?

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with me about how I can help you, feel free to email or call me directly.