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Proofreading Strategies for Catching Small Mistakes That Have a Big Impact

Errors, typos, and inconsistencies diminish your content, look sloppy in public-facing documents, and can bring your credibility into question—especially in job application materials. To be taken seriously as a professional and add that extra polish to make your written material stand out (in a positive way!), always build in time to proofread. In fact, when proofreading is done properly, your audience won’t be aware of it at all—they’ll just notice clean, consistent content.
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5 Best Practices for Writing Diplomatic Emails in Difficult Situations

Dealing with problems, conflicts, volatile personalities, and other difficult situations at work is challenging; addressing these situations in writing via email can add another layer to the challenge. However, for any number of reasons—geographic location, the need for a written documentation trail—it may be necessary.
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6 Strategies for Writing Clear, Effective Business Emails

On average, office workers receive about 120 emails per day, and the volume can skyrocket depending on role or level of responsibility. With that much email to process, it’s well worth it to have strategies and techniques in place for writing messages that get the job done.
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