You’ve read countless biographies, or bios, that are mildly memorable—at best. They probably read something like this: “Brian is a … Brian earned his MBA at … He enjoys … Brian is at his best when … He has been featured on …”

Boring, boring, boring.

If you want to walk confidently into a speaking event or client meeting, then a stellar bio goes a long way in paving your path.

To engage the reader, your bio must make a strong impression. To help you create that effect, we review six key parts of a bio and then customize your document based on preferences and needs.

Some bios should be formal, while others might have room for a touch of informality or levity. Clients often hire me to write bios of varying lengths (e.g., 600-word, 250-word, 100-word), so they are equipped with a flexible document that will suit a wide range of professional needs, including websites, speaking engagements, client proposals, and LinkedIn.

Single and multiple coaching sessions are available; services are customized to meet your unique needs.

If you are interested in having your bio professionally written, contact me for an initial consultation.