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Adopt a Growth Mindset to Forge a Prosperous Career

In her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Stanford professor Dr. Carol Dweck discusses the dichotomy of the growth and fixed mindsets in relation to learning, and explains that people with a growth mindset believe they can accomplish something…

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Achieve Writing Goals by Mastering Time Management

You can have every intention to produce your best writing, but if you fail to manage your time wisely, what happens instead is a sloppy email sent from your iPhone while you’re pumping gas that says, “Yup, got it last week wll be in touch ASAP.” Or, a hastily written blog post that you are mildly proud of—or at least not embarrassed of. From my own experience as a writer and more than 10 years as a writing consultant, here are my top time management strategies.
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Proofreading Strategies for Catching Small Mistakes That Have a Big Impact

Errors, typos, and inconsistencies diminish your content, look sloppy in public-facing documents, and can bring your credibility into question—especially in job application materials. To be taken seriously as a professional and add that extra polish to make your written material stand out (in a positive way!), always build in time to proofread. In fact, when proofreading is done properly, your audience won’t be aware of it at all—they’ll just notice clean, consistent content.
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Editing Techniques for Leaner, More Powerful Writing

“Rewriting is where the game is won or lost; rewriting is the essence of writing.” These are the words of famous American writer and journalist William Zinsser in On Writing Well, a resource familiar to the majority of professional writers. Now, I’m not suggesting you repeatedly rewrite a simple email to ask a colleague to lunch.
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How to Target Your Writing to Engage Your Audience

“Write from the reader’s perspective.” I utter these words several times each week as I work with clients on their job search documents and websites. While this advice is critical to writing effective resumes and websites, you should always consider the perspective of the audience for all types of professional writing. Doing so makes for clearer, more relatable communication.
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5 Essential Tips for Proactively Managing Your Career

In my experience working with clients from disparate backgrounds, I have come to the conclusion that regardless of their field or level of responsibility, all professionals can take steps to safeguard their careers—even if individual jobs might come and go.…

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