College and Scholarship Application Consulting

To put it mildly, applying to college can be difficult and stressful for both students and parents. Students wonder about the process and struggle to fit time in working on the applications. Parents wonder about whether their child will get into the school they view as the best fit … and how they can pay for it. Both are trying to figure out how it works, especially since the process is quite different from when most parents applied to college.

As a former admissions reader for Duke University undergraduate admissions and a writing consultant at Duke University’s nationally recognized writing program, I have years of experience working with students as they apply to competitive programs, as well as evaluating their writing and overall strategy. I work with students applying to college and for scholarships and am also an Admissions Counselor for AcceptU, a premier college consulting firm.

Most frequently, clients seek my assistance on the written parts of the application—the primary essay, supplementary essays, the Common App, and scholarship essays—but I also help in different capacities as well.

For a more comprehensive approach, I can consult with the student on a regular basis beginning in the junior year of high school. During this time, I provide tailored feedback and help the student create an action plan for the college application and scholarship process. As the time nears for the student to begin filling out applications, I will consult with and coach him or her on best practices for completing applications, asking for letters of recommendations, seeking out extracurricular opportunities, and scheduling standardized tests. I also tutor students on essays required for college applications, although I will never write an essay for a student.

There are no guarantees when applying to college and scholarships, but I help make sure there are no regrets. Contact me today to learn more about college application consulting and essay coaching.