Ph.D. Job Search & Career Exploration Course

Are you one of the thousands of academics currently thinking about transitioning to industry but not sure where to go for help? Or even what type of help you need? If so, this online course might be perfect for you. Whether your non-academic job search is your top priority, or is being conducted in tandem with an academic job search, this course will help you learn specific skills and strategies to approach the non-academic search with confidence—and find success! Taught on a semester schedule by three PhD coaches (myself; Jen Polk, Ph.D.; and Maren Wood, Ph.D.), we address the most pressing issues for academics contemplating a transition out of academia: learning to assess your skills; dealing with the emotional baggage that often accompanies a transition; mastering the art of networking; crafting compelling application documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile); and strategizing to play offense rather than defense in your next interview. Past participants have remarked about feeling confident and empowered after having completed the course.

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5 Actionable Steps for Transitioning Smoothly to a Non-faculty Job

In this complimentary webinar sponsored by BitesizeBio, Heidi shares:

  • How she faced the facts that she didn’t want to be a professor—and what she did to make a successful career transition
  • 5 actionable steps that can facilitate a smooth transition to a non-faculty job
  • Success stories of scientists who walked away from academia and never looked back


The current state of the academic job market has come under scrutiny in recent years, largely because of the shrinking number of tenure-track jobs available. This situation has forced graduate students and postdocs to reconsider their employment options. Other scholars may realize that academia is no longer a good fit for them but are unsure of how to land a non-faculty position. This process of self-reflection and job searching can be filled with anxiety and fear.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Heidi shares how she came to terms with something unexpected: after many years spent pursuing a PhD, she realized she didn’t want to be a professor or researcher.

Heidi also discusses how she forged her own career path outside of academia as well as 5 steps you can begin taking NOW that will help you transition when you are ready.

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