Cover Letter Writing and Editing

Do cover letters really matter? A lot of job seekers ask me that question. Frankly, I believe the answer is yes. Cover letters are important to the application just for this simple consideration: how will it look if you don’t have one?

A cover letter is an opportunity not only to show that you carefully read and followed the job posting’s instructions to submit a cover letter, but also to truly set yourself apart. What makes YOU uniquely qualified for the position? Also, a cover letter allows you to proactively address potential red flags or highlight positive attributes that might not be indicated in your resume (e.g., you’re planning to move to the new location anyway, so you won’t be negotiating for relocation costs).

I can either coach you to write your own cover letter or write one for you—whether it’s targeted for a particular position or it’s a general cover letter that you can then tailor on your own for each job description. Feel free to contact me for an initial consultation.