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Small group instruction can be invaluable for anyone on the job campaign trail: content-driven workshops offer you time to learn, brainstorm, and apply new techniques and strategies. Workshops also help applicants build their networks and confidence—two key aspects of landing a new job.

Heidi leads regular workshops in RTP/Raleigh-Durham on various aspects of the job campaign including interview preparation, resume writing, and cover letter writing. Spots are limited to ensure the quality of instruction. Register below or Contact Heidi for more information.


Heidi speaks and presents at universities and affiliate organizations, for municipalities, and to businesses. Heidi offers structured guidance and personalized feedback on résumés, CVs, and cover letters when she attends job seeking and career groups in North Carolina. She can also lead lunch ‘n’ learns and focused presentations and workshops tailored to an organization’s unique needs. Contact Heidi for more information.

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