Interview Preparation

Have you ever stumbled over an interview question, leaving you to walk out of the interview filled with regret? This has happened to most people at one time or another, so you are not alone. Even with ample preparation, job seekers often feel uncertain as they walk into—and out of—an interview.

Interviewing needs to be viewed as an overall process and strategy as opposed to just a series of questions that needs to be answered. This is why I tell my clients that successful interviewing is really about having a clear plan.

The success of your next interview hinges on not just preparation but the right type of preparation. Part of the problem is that people spend time memorizing a bunch of answers to questions that don’t even end up being asking in the interview. Compounding this, many interviewees don’t have a comprehensive understanding of how all of those questions and answers should come together to tell the interviewer a compelling story of your background and qualifications.

Rather than teaching you to take a defensive stance in the interview, I’ll coach you to play offense. What’s your strategy? How will you execute individual plays? How will you, the quarterback, avoid getting sacked?

To complement your individualized sessions, you’ll also receive my interview preparation workbook, How to Nail Your Interview and Land Your Next Job: An A to Z Guide to Interview Success, which will coach you on a range of vital topics pertaining to interviewing. In this workbook, you’ll learn how to handle illegal questions, prepare for phone interviews, prepare for video (both Skype and prerecorded) interviews, finesse a gap in employment, respond to some of the most notoriously difficult interview questions, and notice communication styles to build rapport, among other topics.

Interested in hearing one of my top interview tips? In this free audio download I share 1 Tip to Nailing Your Next Interview.

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