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CAREER ACCELERATOR TOOLKIT: 4 Steps to Boost Your Career and Land Your Next Job Faster


Are you looking for a new job but haven’t had to go through the job search process in a while—or even know what steps to take to successfully navigate today’s job market?

Because make no mistake, things have changed!

  • Interviews are sometimes conducted using AI.
  • Resumes almost always go through applicant tracking systems—meaning they’re read by both people and computers and need to appeal to each one.
  • Jobs are now so easy to apply to digitally that hiring managers are often flooded with hundreds of applications.

If you’re not sure (or weren’t even aware) of these changes, then this resource might be something to consider. Created with job seekers in mind, the Career Accelerator Toolkit is beneficial to anyone who wants a strategic career management toolkit on demand.

You’ll receive strategic advice and resources I’ve curated from 11 years of working with thousands of students and professionals that will provide you with expert insight and guidance when you need it most and that is accessible to you at all times. You can work through the material at your own pace and on your own schedule; typically, it would take 20+ hours to cover the content in this comprehensive Toolkit with me one-on-one.

Packed with with tip sheets, tools, and interactive workbooks, the Toolkit will support you on all four steps of your job search campaign:

Step 1: Job Search Strategy

  • Before diving head-first into a job search, make sure you know your job target and have a solid strategy. This section includes guidance on career exploration, networking, using social media effectively, and how to transition into a new career. This Step–and every Step–includes an introductory video.

Step 2: Resume and Cover Letter (includes workbook with examples)

  • Watch a brief video that distills the essential elements of an effective resume, then use the workbook to dive deeper into all the major considerations for resume and cover letter writing. The workbook includes resume examples for early-career and mid-career professionals. You’ll also have a handy worksheet that helps you vary your verb choices as you write your resume.

Step 3: LinkedIn

  • Don’t miss opportunities because you didn’t optimize your LinkedIn use! Take advantage of this powerful platform to make meaningful connections, create, engage, and maintain a network, and get results from the time you spend on LinkedIn.

Step 4: Interview Preparation and Salary Negotiation (workbook included)

  • Overcome self-doubt, master highly effective strategies for tackling even the most challenging questions, and learn tactics for negotiating with confidence.

The Toolkit also includes a bonus step to help you achieve your professional goals:

Bonus: Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Accomplish your short- and long-term career goals with the support of proven strategies—develop lasting habits, prioritize tasks, and record your progress and achievements using the provided tracking tools.

The Career Accelerator Toolkit will be periodically updated and you will receive a notification each time a new resource is added.

Exclusive Access to a Monthly Call

Your purchase of the Career Accelerator Toolkit also includes access to a monthly group Zoom call with Heidi, during which time she will present information for 10–15 minutes on a relevant topic and answer questions participants have.

Do you want to land your next job faster?

Build a successful career with strategic advice and resources curated for today’s job market. Click “Add to Cart” to get started!

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