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How to Nail Your Interview and Land Your Next Job: A Strategic Guide to Interview Success


Are you looking to level-up your career, but it’s been a while since you’ve interviewed and you’re not sure how to prepare?

How to Nail Your Interview and Land Your Next Job is the perfect resource to help you gain skills and confidence for an upcoming interview. This workbook is packed with tactical advice, guidance, and strategies—information that would typically require over a dozen books and articles to obtain.

After more than a decade of working with job seekers one-on-one and in workshops, I know firsthand about the pressing concerns and questions they have when preparing for interviews. I created this workbook to distill and share the expertise that I’ve gained coaching job candidates and through my own professional development as a certified interview coach.

The updated and expanded edition of How to Nail Your Interview and Land Your Next Job guides you through the key stages of the interview process and provides actionable advice each step of the way. The workbook begins with best practices, then gets more granular with how to prepare for various interview formats including panel interviews, respond to common questions such as “Tell me about yourself” (as well as illegal questions), avoid common mistakes, and negotiate salary. It concludes with templates and tips for writing effective reference lists and thoughtful thank-you notes.

Features and highlights of How to Nail Your Interview and Land Your Next Job:

  • Self-guided. Complete the workbook, and its 37 pages of worksheet content, at your own pace. Ideally, your process is not rushed—but you can finish the material in short order if needed a day or two before an interview.
  • Reader-friendly. Information is presented in an easy-to-parse, design-driven format that includes checklists, tip sheets, and more.
  • Tested strategies. Many of my clients have earned offers and landed roles by following the techniques I outline.
  • Practical application. Interview scenarios and corresponding exercises help prepare you for almost anything that might arise at your real-life interview.
  • Common questions and sample responses. Sample responses specifically targeted to common (and often dreaded!) interview questions demonstrate how to implement the recommended strategies.
  • Interactive practice sections. Test yourself by applying what you’ve learned: several sections contain editable exercises so you can practice your responses and hone your skills.
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