Resume Writing for PhDs

Are you feeling stuck in how to approach your non-academic job search? Are you unsure what a resume even entails and how (or if) it is different from a CV? I can help you prepare a knockout resume that will land you your first job outside of academia.

While some academics might understand there is a difference between the documents, they often aren’t sure exactly what that difference is or how to account for those differences during their writing process. And many people struggle with the notion of “converting” their CVs to resumes, which is actually a misnomer.

As an academic who started my own business, I understand the challenges PhDs face when working on resumes. I transitioned away from academia and into the world of business, yet I straddle both worlds and understand the writing (and job search) conventions in each.

My academic clients range from full professors, to postdocs, to graduate students representing dozens of academic disciplines. Equipped with a humanities background by training, I have also developed a specialty in helping scientists as a result of co-facilitating Life Science Networking in Raleigh-Durham for more than two years.

My services are strictly confidential, meaning you don’t need to wonder if word will get out that you’re leaving the academy.

If you’re interested in having me either coach you to write your own resume or write your resume for you, contact me for a complimentary consultation. Although resumes are a popular service offering, I also assist transitioning academics on all phases of the career transition process: learning to network, using LinkedIn, writing cover letters (they are different from academic cover letters!), and preparing for your interviews.