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What People are Saying

“Heidi is an amazing asset to anyone making a career transition or simply looking to enhance their personal “brand”. I contracted with Heidi to rewrite my resume, and update my LinkedIn profile. She was incredibly professional and detail oriented in the process we worked through together, and lived up to every commitment she made to me. There are lots of folks out there that provide similar services, but she is the BEST!”

“Heidi has volunteered her time on numerous occasions to support the nonprofit organization Women In Bio. Every time I see Heidi in action I become increasingly impressed by the range and depth of her expertise. She has provided our group with insights into the importance of cultivating a LinkedIn presence, guidance on building a resume, and best practices for interviewing with confidence. She is kind, compassionate, incredibly intelligent, fierce, and bold! Heidi is everything you could want in a career coach and her knowledge is applicable to any career path.”

“Heidi was such a pleasure to work with. Thanks to her creativity, empathy, and expertise, I gained invaluable knowledge about how to succeed in my post-PhD job search. Because of the strategies she shared with me, I feel confident about how to present myself in my job search documents and interviews. In fact, I have a file of notes I took from our meetings along with resources from Heidi that I look back on for insights and next steps. Because Heidi is an educator as well as an expert, she taught me lessons in resume writing and interviewing that will benefit me throughout my career. I’m so glad I made this investment!

“Truth be told, I repeatedly hesitated hiring a professional to help create my resume when, after all, I’m an executive and should be capable of doing it myself. I can happily admit … Boy, I was wrong!! After researching several consultants, I felt that Heidi’s approach was a perfect fit to mold this very important document. During the interview for my most recent role, the Hiring Manager complimented my resume and stated, “This is, quite frankly, the most well thought out and best resume I’ve ever seen.” Heidi is the best of the best and I am a client for life! (Thank you, Heidi!)”

“Heidi is like the artist you need to show the professional world who you are, the only difference is that she has her pen and paper instead of her paint and brush. She is really curious to know you and your essence, what makes you tick and motivates. She will ask questions, listen carefully, is very punctual and committed, and very artistic with language. She paints your portrait in a fashion that will make you smile at yourself. I am grateful to have found her and totally recommend her. She is the artist!”

“I was pleased to see that Margaret wrote a testimonial. She should update it, though. She was accepted by every graduate program to which she applied except one. The last is extremely selective: 12 spots for 350 applicants. They encouraged her to apply to their masters program, which offered her a place. She has decided on [name of university withheld] and is very excited about the program, the campus, and the community. Thank you again for your help with her personal statement!”

“Working with Heidi was a real pleasure!  It was crucial for me to work with someone who could help me along every step of my application process to four highly competitive graduate programs for mid-career professionals.  As a former admissions officer, she gave me strategic insights and accordingly coached me in order to set forth the aspects of my personal life and professional experience that could make my career goals and purpose statement outstanding and appealing to the eyes of the admissions committee.  Thus far I have been admitted to my top choice. I am very grateful to Heidi for understanding how important these applications were for me and for how committed she was to assisting me even in the middle of the holidays. I strongly recommend her!”

“Heidi has transformed my writing. Specifically, she helped me with applications for summer research fellowships. The impact she made on my applications was huge, and for proof, I got accepted into all of the ones she helped me with! With her editing, I became a competitive applicant as my applications were much stronger, clearer, and resolute. She helped me make the points that I was trying to convey, and my voice shined through. Let your hard work be expressed to the degree that it deserves! Tell your friends too!”

“Heidi was kind, patient, flexible, and professional. She did a marvelous job on my resume and letter of interest for my fellowship application. I actually learned how to write a letter of interest from Heidi. Her feedback was very helpful and she has always tried her best to accommodate me. My revised resume and letter of interest is now focused, professional, and tailored for the competitive fellowship for which I’m applying.”

“Thank you so much for all your help. I feel so much more confident in my personal statement because of your advisement. I was honestly very stressed about the quality of my application. Now, I am more positive about getting in the graduate school of my choice. Thank you again for your help.”

“We partnered with Heidi Giusto of Career Path Writing Solutions to offer a fresh perspective on our company’s website. From our messaging to clients and candidates through to our blog posts, Heidi did an outstanding job of helping us fine tune our message and our content. I particularly liked Heidi’s approach of review, suggest, and collaborate. She first took the time to understand our needs and objectives. Then, she reviewed our existing content with an exceptional level of detail, made suggested edits, and offered different paths to consider. Most of all, Heidi took the time to listen to what we were trying to verbally espouse to our audiences and helped us to paint a picture and tell a story, in words.”

“I hired Heidi to teach a series of writing workshops to a highly international group of engineering students at Duke. She was a dream to work with! She’s among the most organized people I know. She provided relevant content, customized her materials for our group, and constantly sought ways to improve her sessions and drive efficiencies. She delivered more than was promised and was very well received by our student population. I would be delighted to hire Heidi again and it’s a pleasure to recommend her.”

“I want to say thank you for all the editing you have completed for me. You have given me an outside perspective. When my creative thinking was blocked, you helped restart it. Last but not least, you helped me find the right words when mine were lost. I am truly grateful for all of your help and hard work.”

“Heidi Giusto gave my manuscript extraordinary attention. She has an amazing grasp of the English language and an eye that can zoom in on the tiniest of details. She was extremely competent, offered an array of insightful comments, and proved to be immensely helpful in editing my manuscript. Although it can be intimidating for a “newbie” author to share a manuscript with a Ph.D., Heidi made the process absolutely delightful! I truly look forward to working with her again. She is a true must hire!”

“I had the good fortune to hire Heidi to edit web content for my technology business. Communication was a breeze from start to finish. She understood my objectives and did a great job meeting my requirements. I was very pleased with the outcome of the project. I will definitely hire Heidi again and I highly recommend her!”

“I cannot recommend Dr. Giusto highly enough – she is the epitome of professional, highly effective at any task she undertakes, and will take any meeting, presentation, or consultation to the next level – producing a polished, valuable product for you or your organization. If you want an exceptional return on your investment, you are in the right place – Dr. Giusto and Career Writing Path Solutions will provide customized solutions to meet you needs.”

“An Aerospace Member Association organization I worked for was hosting a 3000+ attendee conference. I was looking for someone who was an expert in resume building and professional development – she fit both bills. Heidi was pleasant to speak to, insightful, smart and funny … I hit the jackpot! We had unprecedented enrollment in each Leadership Development course. She had presented in a way that was easy to grasp, take hold, and put practices into action. I was grateful for her partnership and knowledge in helping me build something that was not only educational, but also meaningful. I trust and believe in Heidi and would absolutely hire her again to present, lead a course or to help me personally.”

“I reached out to Career Path Writing Solutions to provide a workshop that early and mid career participants would find useful. I had a few discussions with Heidi in which we talked about the audience, the focus of the workshop, and how ensure that participants get direct feedback on ways to improve their resume. Heidi was able to make a customized workshop as well as a personalized resume review and feedback for over half of the participants. The workshop was engaging and left many of the participants with an updated resume that effectively captured their accomplishments and highlighted their strengths. Several of the participants followed-up with Heidi to get more in depth 1-on-1 resume and professional development advice.”

“Dr. Giusto is a fantastic speaker and an insightful career counselor! I work at North Carolina State University with various leadership programs, and Dr. Giusto has worked with two of these groups. The first one involved a group of professionals who wanted more time with Dr. Giusto given her guidance regarding etiquette and skills for business communications. They told me afterwards that they got A LOT out of her session and wished we had scheduled a longer session with her! Dr. Giusto also served as a career counselor for a group of Ph.D. students who participated in a leadership program that I manage. They, too, were grateful for her insights and assistance with their CVs, cover letters and career searches. I look forward to a continued working relationship with Dr. Giusto as she is very knowledgeable, a stellar professional and a wonderful person who truly works to help and support those who seek her services.”

“Dr. Heidi Giusto has provided professional development and career coaching services to NC State University’s Global Luxury and Management program for the past year. Despite the complexity of our program, student population and industry, Dr. Giusto was undeterred. She provided invaluable guidance to our students in writing and developing luxury oriented resumes, cover letters and reference lists and to our program in strategizing and packaging completed resumes into a book that reflects our program and the luxury industry. Dr. Giusto is a pleasure to work with and continues to help our program develop a strategic framework for addressing the unique needs of our students and prospective employers.”

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