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Do Cover Letters Really Matter?

A lot of people ask me this. Frankly, I believe the answer is yes. Cover letters are important just for this simple consideration: how will it look if you don’t have one?

A cover letter is an opportunity to not only show you carefully read and followed the job posting’s instructions to submit a cover letter, but also to set you apart. What makes YOU uniquely qualified for the position? Also, a cover letter allows you to proactively address potential red flags or highlight positive attributes that might not be indicated in your resume (e.g., you’re planning to move to the new location anyway, so you won’t be negotiating for relocation costs).

A well-written cover letter can help you stand out because most cover letters are ineffective. Writing a cover letter, just like writing a resume or personal statement, is difficult. It is a specific genre of writing that is typically not taught in school. Also, I have not met anyone who has told me they relax by spending a Friday evening writing their cover letter.

Cover letters are documents of necessity that typically will not cross your mind until you need one. Because of this, you have an opportunity to boost the quality of your application by having a cover letter that communicates the value you bring to the employer.

Cover Letter Writing Process

When working on cover letters, I design a template for you and teach you how to tailor it to each particular job application. This process allows my clients to create a letter that is truly written for the particular job opening but saves valuable time because they aren’t starting from scratch for every application.

My background in education makes me well-prepared to teach you the method of what I did and why, just like I do when writing resumes. This way, you’re confident in each job application. Knowing that cover letters are read only about 50% of the time informs my approach.

Cover Letters for Higher Education

If you are an academic applying to a higher education leadership role, then you know that your letter will be longer than one page. When working with professionals applying for leadership roles in academia, I act as a partner in the writing and revising process. It is still laborious, but I’m there with you as we go back and forth using Track Changes and having discussions to perfect your letter.

Cover Letters Tailored to Individual Job Applications

At times, people ask me to tailor their letters for specific job applications. In these cases, I review the job description, have a conversation with you about your motivations and why you are a good fit for the employer’s needs, and then draft the letter. Afterward, we have a debriefing and strategy session to discuss and further improve the letter.

More often than not, I reserve this service for existing or former clients because I will already be familiar with their background. This allows me to work quickly to meet an (often) quickly approaching deadline.

Say Goodbye to Cover Letter Dread

I have probably said a thousand times that cover letters are the most annoying part of the job application process. But I love working on them! If you want to end your cover letter dread, please free to contact me for an initial consultation.

Let's Work Together!

How can I help you accomplish your goals?


“Heidi is simply the best professional by far I’ve ever worked with on my CVs, resumes, and cover letters. Over the past year, her expert guidance and feedback significantly enhanced the impact of these materials. I can thank her for helping me become the next dean of the College of Business and Economics at Towson University. Since working with Heidi, I have recommended her to everyone whom I know is seeking to enhance their career. She is beyond terrific!”

Aneil Mishra, PhD

“I am thrilled with the professional services that Heidi provided in rewriting my resume and cover letter, and crafting an impactful LinkedIn profile. I had struggled for years with writing and rewriting my resume and didn’t have any idea how to use social media to leverage my job search. Heidi worked with me quickly and efficiently to create a crisp resume that showcases my skills and experience. She also helped me brand myself with a professional LinkedIn profile and gave me strategies on how to maximize use of the platform. Since working with Heidi, views of my profile and contacts from recruiters have increased, and I am more confident when submitting my resume and cover letter for potential opportunities. I strongly recommend Heidi to anyone regardless of where they are in their career journey!”

Joanne Delaney

“We recently partnered with Heidi Giusto to provide a workshop for a group of our engineers and project managers to improve our writing skills. Heidi took the time to ensure that her material was customized for our needs. She was engaging, easy to work with, and provided us with all the necessary tools to communicate effectively with our clients. It would be a pleasure to work with Heidi again and I highly recommend her and her services to all! Thank you, Heidi!”

Courtney Allen, Operations Manager - South Atlantic, Hallam-ICS

“I’ve worked with Heidi Giusto on five books (so far). She’s an incredibly versatile editor capable of “copy editing” as well as the incredibly difficult “developmental editing.” I have written more than two dozen books and I can say that she is the best book editor I have ever worked with and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI

“Looking for a book editor you can trust? Someone with integrity and a strong work ethic? Someone who honors your voice and experience/expertise, while helping you create quality written work that achieves its goals? If so, I recommend Heidi Scott Giusto, Ph.D.”

Sam Horn, Founder/CEO of The Intrigue Agency

“I recently produced an ebook and sought Heidi’s expert help to edit it and give me feedback about it. Working with her was a fantastic experience! She is so personable and human; you can see a genuine desire to support you, guide you, and help you succeed through her actions and words.

Her editing reflects that humanity! My ebook came back full of personal and encouraging comments beyond the editing scope and pointed to possibilities for me to choose, besides technical explanations and resources to understand the writing processes aspect and the grammar behind the issue.

It was not a process limited to the here and now, but one that encouraged self-development and learning for sustainable change that will improve my writing in future projects.
I recommend her services! She is the best!”

Erica Yanney, PCC, CPRW, MCTC, CPCC, MM

“I cannot recommend Dr. Giusto highly enough – she is the epitome of professional, highly effective at any task she undertakes, and will take any meeting, presentation, or consultation to the next level – producing a polished, valuable product for you or your organization. If you want an exceptional return on your investment, you are in the right place – Dr. Giusto and Career Writing Path Solutions will provide customized solutions to meet you needs.”

Rebekah Layton, PhD, CMC, PCC, Director of Professional Development Programs

“An Aerospace Member Association organization I worked for was hosting a 3000+ attendee conference. I was looking for someone who was an expert in resume building and professional development – she fit both bills. Heidi was pleasant to speak to, insightful, smart and funny … I hit the jackpot! We had unprecedented enrollment in each Leadership Development course. She had presented in a way that was easy to grasp, take hold, and put practices into action. I was grateful for her partnership and knowledge in helping me build something that was not only educational, but also meaningful. I trust and believe in Heidi and would absolutely hire her again to present, lead a course or to help me personally.”

Jodie Hernandez

“I reached out to Career Path Writing Solutions to provide a workshop that early and mid career participants would find useful. I had a few discussions with Heidi in which we talked about the audience, the focus of the workshop, and how ensure that participants get direct feedback on ways to improve their resume. Heidi was able to make a customized workshop as well as a personalized resume review and feedback for over half of the participants. The workshop was engaging and left many of the participants with an updated resume that effectively captured their accomplishments and highlighted their strengths. Several of the participants followed-up with Heidi to get more in depth 1-on-1 resume and professional development advice.”

Barbara Nsiah

“Dr. Giusto is a fantastic speaker and an insightful career counselor! I work at North Carolina State University with various leadership programs, and Dr. Giusto has worked with two of these groups. The first one involved a group of professionals who wanted more time with Dr. Giusto given her guidance regarding etiquette and skills for business communications. They told me afterwards that they got A LOT out of her session and wished we had scheduled a longer session with her! Dr. Giusto also served as a career counselor for a group of Ph.D. students who participated in a leadership program that I manage. They, too, were grateful for her insights and assistance with their CVs, cover letters and career searches. I look forward to a continued working relationship with Dr. Giusto as she is very knowledgeable, a stellar professional and a wonderful person who truly works to help and support those who seek her services.”

Rhonda Sutton, PhD, Director of College Leadership Programs at North Carolina State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

“Dr. Heidi Giusto has provided professional development and career coaching services to NC State University’s Global Luxury and Management program for the past year. Despite the complexity of our program, student population and industry, Dr. Giusto was undeterred. She provided invaluable guidance to our students in writing and developing luxury oriented resumes, cover letters and reference lists and to our program in strategizing and packaging completed resumes into a book that reflects our program and the luxury industry. Dr. Giusto is a pleasure to work with and continues to help our program develop a strategic framework for addressing the unique needs of our students and prospective employers.”

Kristie McGowan, PhD, Director, Global Luxury and Management, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University

“Heidi is an amazing asset to anyone making a career transition or simply looking to enhance their personal “brand”. I contracted with Heidi to rewrite my resume, and update my LinkedIn profile. She was incredibly professional and detail oriented in the process we worked through together, and lived up to every commitment she made to me. There are lots of folks out there that provide similar services, but she is the BEST!”

Ed W., Owner/Publisher of a Magazine

“Heidi has volunteered her time on numerous occasions to support the nonprofit organization Women In Bio. Every time I see Heidi in action I become increasingly impressed by the range and depth of her expertise. She has provided our group with insights into the importance of cultivating a LinkedIn presence, guidance on building a resume, and best practices for interviewing with confidence. She is kind, compassionate, incredibly intelligent, fierce, and bold! Heidi is everything you could want in a career coach and her knowledge is applicable to any career path.”

Kelly P., Scientist

“Heidi was such a pleasure to work with. Thanks to her creativity, empathy, and expertise, I gained invaluable knowledge about how to succeed in my post-PhD job search. Because of the strategies she shared with me, I feel confident about how to present myself in my job search documents and interviews. In fact, I have a file of notes I took from our meetings along with resources from Heidi that I look back on for insights and next steps. Because Heidi is an educator as well as an expert, she taught me lessons in resume writing and interviewing that will benefit me throughout my career. I’m so glad I made this investment!

Katie H., Writer, Editor, and Instructor

“Truth be told, I repeatedly hesitated hiring a professional to help create my resume when, after all, I’m an executive and should be capable of doing it myself. I can happily admit … Boy, I was wrong!! After researching several consultants, I felt that Heidi’s approach was a perfect fit to mold this very important document. During the interview for my most recent role, the Hiring Manager complimented my resume and stated, “This is, quite frankly, the most well thought out and best resume I’ve ever seen.” Heidi is the best of the best and I am a client for life! (Thank you, Heidi!)”

Heather O., CPIM, Director of Supply Chain at a Solar Energy Company

“Heidi is like the artist you need to show the professional world who you are, the only difference is that she has her pen and paper instead of her paint and brush. She is really curious to know you and your essence, what makes you tick and motivates. She will ask questions, listen carefully, is very punctual and committed, and very artistic with language. She paints your portrait in a fashion that will make you smile at yourself. I am grateful to have found her and totally recommend her. She is the artist!”

Maryam M., Educator & Coach

“Without any prior knowledge of our organization, Heidi accepted a cold-call invitation to craft and lead a personal branding workshop for an audience of over 150 students, job seekers, and mid-career professionals interested in global health careers at the 2019 Triangle Global Health Career Day. She was an incredible partner to work with, and she effortlessly fit her expertise and passion into our event. She listened to our vision for the program, gave great feedback and honest input, and clearly took the experience seriously – ultimately delivering an informative and engaging workshop that was well structured, clearly communicated, and thoughtfully crafted. The workshop was highly rated by virtually all attendees who responded to our post-event survey, and many individuals shared comments highlighting it as their favorite session of the day. Heidi has an amazing skillset, and she has a great ability to share her expertise with many different audiences. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help in telling their story when the stakes are high!”

Jacob T., PSM, MBA, Executive Director at a Health Consortium

“We partnered with Heidi Giusto of Career Path Writing Solutions to offer a fresh perspective on our company’s website. From our messaging to clients and candidates through to our blog posts, Heidi did an outstanding job of helping us fine tune our message and our content. I particularly liked Heidi’s approach of review, suggest, and collaborate. She first took the time to understand our needs and objectives. Then, she reviewed our existing content with an exceptional level of detail, made suggested edits, and offered different paths to consider. Most of all, Heidi took the time to listen to what we were trying to verbally espouse to our audiences and helped us to paint a picture and tell a story, in words.”

Don A. CFP®, CPC, President & Managing Director at a Professional Search and Recruitment Firm

“Heidi has done presentations and workshops with undergraduate students in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC & NC State three times over the past two years. Each time, she has presented material for what can often be a very overwhelming and nerve-wracking topic for 20 year olds – interviewing – in a clear and truly effective way. Her interview preparation strategy is so straightforward and she breaks it down into a step-by-step process which helps the students feel like they can confidently go into an interview rather than nervously play defense throughout. Our students were so interested in learning more from her that we increased the length of this last workshop from one hour to three. Heidi is a very engaging presenter and is always a pleasure to work with as we prepare for these events!

Colleen M., Academic Industry Coordinator

“Dr. Giusto is a fantastic speaker and an insightful career counselor! I work at North Carolina State University with various leadership programs, and Dr. Giusto has worked with two of these groups. The first one involved a group of professionals who wanted more time with Dr. Giusto given her guidance regarding etiquette and skills for business communications. They told me afterwards that they got A LOT out of her session and wished we had scheduled a longer session with her! Dr. Giusto also served as a career counselor for a group of Ph.D. students who participated in a leadership program that I manage. They, too, were grateful for her insights and assistance with their CVs, cover letters and career searches. I look forward to a continued working relationship with Dr. Giusto as she is very knowledgeable, a stellar professional and a wonderful person who truly works to help and support those who seek her services.”

Rhonda, S., Ph.D., Director of College Leadership Programs at North Carolina State University

“There is not enough good that I can say about my experience working with Heidi. After many years of hiring coaches with very little relative success, and after finding job searching in a new city after staying home with my son for 18 months particularly challenging, I got word of Heidi through a friend and it has changed my entire career trajectory. It was through her thoughtful and provocative career questions that I realized that I was very uniquely qualified for the jobs I wanted… and she was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to highlight in my background that would get me the job I deserved. She is an absolute wizard of getting down to brass tacks about your career and what you want, as well as using the power of words to get beyond your experience and really illustrate who you are as an employee. Within 30 days of speaking with Heidi, I had several interviews and accepted a job that has exceeded my wildest expectations. Heidi is an expert in a craft that can scarcely be found today; real conversation about who you are, what makes you good at what you do and what you can contribute to the CULTURE (as well as the bottom line) of a company. I would recommend her to anyone who asked.”

Alexa S., Customer Success Advisor

“I hired Heidi to teach a series of writing workshops to a highly international group of engineering students at Duke. She was a dream to work with! She’s among the most organized people I know. She provided relevant content, customized her materials for our group, and constantly sought ways to improve her sessions and drive efficiencies. She delivered more than was promised and was very well received by our student population. I would be delighted to hire Heidi again and it’s a pleasure to recommend her.”

Bridget F., Director for Graduate Communication and Intercultural Programs at Duke University

“Heidi gave me some great insight about applying for jobs. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a better position (entry level all the way up to president) who needs pointers. One day, a classmate introduced me (via LI of course) to Heidi. She was holding a seminar on how to do interviews, so I decided to attend. At the seminar, I met some great people and was able to work on some essential skills in doing interviews. We talked about strategy, preparation, and execution. A few months later, I used the things we talked about at the seminar and landed an engineering position I didn’t think I would be able to get. Heidi: you have been a blessing to me and my family and I just want to say thank you for what you did. I would not have been able to do this without your help.”

Keith A., Engineering Technologist

“Heidi has been a presenter at each of our Beyond the Professoriate conferences, an online conference for PhDs in career transition. We keep asking Heidi back because she is an amazing presenter and we’ve had nothing but positive feed back from conference attendees. Her presentations are well organized and she presents the complexities and challenges of resume writing, LinkedIn, and interviewing, in a succinct way that is both interesting and accessible to our audience. If you are looking for a speaker who can help energize a room full of job seekers and who can provide the most up-to-date information about job search campaigns, Heidi is your person.”

L. Maren W., Ph.D., Founder of Education Company

“I want to say thank you for all the editing you have completed for me. You have given me an outside perspective. When my creative thinking was blocked, you helped restart it. Last but not least, you helped me find the right words when mine were lost. I am truly grateful for all of your help and hard work.”

Rebecca S., Owner of Aromatherapy Business

“Heidi Giusto gave my manuscript extraordinary attention. She has an amazing grasp of the English language and an eye that can zoom in on the tiniest of details. She was extremely competent, offered an array of insightful comments, and proved to be immensely helpful in editing my manuscript. Although it can be intimidating for a “newbie” author to share a manuscript with a Ph.D., Heidi made the process absolutely delightful! I truly look forward to working with her again. She is a true must hire!”

Audrey K., Children’s Book Author

“I had the good fortune to hire Heidi to edit web content for my technology business. Communication was a breeze from start to finish. She understood my objectives and did a great job meeting my requirements. I was very pleased with the outcome of the project. I will definitely hire Heidi again and I highly recommend her!”

DeLisa L., Owner of Technology Business

“We consider Heidi to be an integral part of our team. Heidi edits our lessons. Her insights are always helpful. She is not afraid to offer constructive criticism. Heidi is very easy to work with. She listens and is very punctual in completing our work. I highly recommend Heidi and Career Path Writing Solutions.”

Bill L., Owner of Online Education Company

“I have had the pleasure to work with Heidi over the past few months as I transitioned from a long corporate career and began my journey to create my new opportunity. Heidi is so much more than a resume writer – she is a natural coach and a generous business advisor. Heidi has helped me to realize how my past experiences and academic preparation have prepared me for the future – she has helped me clarify and tell my story in a compelling way. We are continuing to work together to further define my LinkedIn strategy and to create my business page. Be prepared to be wowed when working with Heidi. She will become a valued partner in your professional journey, support you as you learn more about yourself and what is important to you in your career, and help you find the words to tell your own unique, compelling story.”

Lori P., Consultancy Owner

“Heidi has a strategic vision when it comes to business. A small business owner herself; she eagerly shares lessons learned. I value her wisdom as I launch my new business and feel like I have a partner in growth. It is invaluable. I highly recommend Heidi for all of your professional writing needs.”

Andrea C., Consultancy Owner and Executive Director of an international non-profit organization

“You have helped me so much with my business! One thing I appreciated when you helped me was that you respected me as the owner of the business and “gently” gave me advice as to how I should re-word things, rewrite things etc., taking into account how much time I had already put into the work. You helped me take my business to the next level. Prepare for more work in the future when we go to yet another level.”

Tracie E., Owner of Pet Treat Bakery

“Heidi’s business coaching is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. She has helped me strategize ways to expand the reach of my services/products, while still keeping me focused on my professional goals and core values. Her insight, expertise, and professionalism are so impressive that I even hired her to work with my mom (who also loves her)!””

Margy H., Consulting Firm Owner

“I was pleased to see that Margaret wrote a testimonial. She should update it, though. She was accepted by every graduate program to which she applied except one. The last is extremely selective: 12 spots for 350 applicants. They encouraged her to apply to their masters program, which offered her a place. She has decided on [name of university withheld] and is very excited about the program, the campus, and the community. Thank you again for your help with her personal statement!”

Mother of Margaret D.

“Working with Heidi was a real pleasure!  It was crucial for me to work with someone who could help me along every step of my application process to four highly competitive graduate programs for mid-career professionals.  As a former admissions officer, she gave me strategic insights and accordingly coached me in order to set forth the aspects of my personal life and professional experience that could make my career goals and purpose statement outstanding and appealing to the eyes of the admissions committee.  Thus far I have been admitted to my top choice. I am very grateful to Heidi for understanding how important these applications were for me and for how committed she was to assisting me even in the middle of the holidays. I strongly recommend her!”

Felipe C., Public Policy Professional/Non-native English speaker/Graduate School applicant

“Heidi has transformed my writing. Specifically, she helped me with applications for summer research fellowships. The impact she made on my applications was huge, and for proof, I got accepted into all of the ones she helped me with! With her editing, I became a competitive applicant as my applications were much stronger, clearer, and resolute. She helped me make the points that I was trying to convey, and my voice shined through. Let your hard work be expressed to the degree that it deserves! Tell your friends too!”

Lauren K., College Student

“Heidi was kind, patient, flexible, and professional. She did a marvelous job on my resume and letter of interest for my fellowship application. I actually learned how to write a letter of interest from Heidi. Her feedback was very helpful and she has always tried her best to accommodate me. My revised resume and letter of interest is now focused, professional, and tailored for the competitive fellowship for which I’m applying.”

Khanh N., Graduate Student

“Thank you so much for all your help. I feel so much more confident in my personal statement because of your advisement. I was honestly very stressed about the quality of my application. Now, I am more positive about getting in the graduate school of my choice. Thank you again for your help.”

Meagan F., College Student

“Heidi is an extremely thorough editor. She not only has terrific attention to detail (no grammar or punctuation errors will get past her!), but also provides thoughtful substantive comments about how to shape an application essay. Her suggestions made my essays clearer and more effective application materials.”

Viviane C., Ph.D., Senior Science Writer

“Heidi points out the problems in my writing sharply, and provides useful comments and professional editing. I really want to thank her for helping me improve my personal statements and resume efficiently. She is willing to help and is passionate about her career. As a non-native English speaker, I find that Heidi’s suggestions and editing make me more skilled in academic writing.”

Shiyi X, Master’s Student

“Dear Heidi, I wanted to thank you so much for the work we did together on my personal statement. Today I got accepted to the [name of research program removed], so of course I am very happy; but even beyond my temporary explosion of enthusiasm, I must say that working with you was such a pleasure and writing a personal statement — or more generally writing about myself—does not sound as scary as it did before! Thank you so much for all of your effort and patience. I look forward to working with you again!”

Clara C., College Student and Non-native English Speaker

“I am a recent undergraduate and was applying for Masters of Fine Art and Masters in Art Therapy graduate schools. Both colleges had different requirements, and Heidi helped me with advising my artist statements and essays for applying. She was very knowledgeable in structure, grammar, and content of application essays. Heidi has insight on how to write effective application statements, and she helps you articulate what you are trying to say. With Heidi’s help I got accepted into the two graduate schools that I had applied for! Thanks, Heidi!!!”

Amanda G., Graduate Student

“Being a non-native English speaker, Heidi’s expertise in polishing fellowship applications, academic writing, and research work while providing constructive feedback has made a strong difference in my professional career. In giving an outside perspective on my writing in English, Heidi made a significant contribution in improving my writing by helping me become familiar with the common grammatical and syntax mistakes I was making. Her advice and constructive suggestions helped me to build confidence and trust in my capacity to move to the next level of my career. Working with Heidi, I was able to apply and successfully get three academic fellowships, organize panel sessions for national and international conferences in my field, and articulate my ideas for my dissertation in a more clear and compelling manner. I would highly recommend working with Heidi to fully realize the contribution she can make in your professional life and the difference it would make for your short, middle, and long-term career plans.”

Aude D., Ph.D., United Nations Employee and Non-native English Speaker

“I sought help from Heidi with my statement of purpose while I was applying for graduate programs in Clinical Psychology. She walked me through the entire process from tips on how to begin to helping me put the final touches on my statement. Heidi was such a pleasure to work with. She was encouraging, kind, and provided enormously helpful critiques and edits. So far, I have received two interview invitations! I would highly recommend Heidi Giusto for any professional writing assistance.”

Margaret D., Graduate School Applicant

“I had been a stay-at-home mom for five years and was ready to re-enter the workforce. Because my résumé had not been updated in the past 10 years, a friend recommended Heidi to assist me in revising it. I sent my résumé to Heidi along with additional work experience and information I wanted to add. Within days of sending my résumé to Heidi, I received it back. It was amazing. My résumé was modern, professionally edited, and easy to follow. I was offered a Sales Manager position within a couple of weeks. Thank you so much, Heidi. You are a life saver.”

Frances S., Sales Manager

“As a current business development professional and former academic, I needed to work with someone who understood what counts in both environments. After trying a comparable company and feeling discouraged, I found Career Path Writing Solutions. Heidi really “got it”. She was able to translate my academic skills for the business world and transform my resume into a document that packed a punch in each line. She delivered the service in a responsive, timely and professional manner. Now I have a lineup of documents I want Heidi to look at! Very highly recommend. “

J. Pelka, Ph.D., Business Development Professional

“Thank you for taking my old, mundane résumé and turning it into an attention-getting résumé that now tells a story of who I am. You are a talented writer who skillfully and creatively took an average résumé and turned it into something unique that details my experience in a clear, concise way. Your innovative way with words translated my past experience into a transferable skill-set that companies are now noticing. In today’s market there is no question that competition is fierce, and it is imperative to stand out from the crowd. I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone who wants to be considered a serious candidate in a tough job market.”

Thomas P., Manager for Global Company

“Heidi was a huge asset in my search for a new position as an attorney. Though I updated my résumé several times during law school, I took the “cramming” approach where I continuously inserted new material without deleting obsolete material. I felt overwhelmed and was afraid I would delete something important. Heidi helped me tailor my résumé so that it was relevant and professional for legal positions. She also helped me make my descriptions more concise so that I would be able to more clearly explain my educational and work experiences. Prior to receiving Heidi’s help, I had submitted literally dozens of résumés without much success. After receiving Heidi’s help, I was invited to two interviews within a week, followed by a formal offer from the investment bank where I am currently employed. Thanks, Heidi!”

Shannon K., Attorney

“Heidi helped me rework my resume and cover letter. I think it is needless to say how excellent she was at transforming my mediocre resume and cover letter to sexy attention getters. More impressive was her professionalism. Although I asked her urgently to work on my cover letter during a busy holiday season due to an impending deadline, she completed her perfect editing exactly on time by working on the way to her holiday destination. The result? I just advanced to the next round of job application.”

Peter P., Economist

“Writing a résumé can be as much fun as going to the dentist, but Heidi made the process painless through her constructive feedback and expertise. I especially like the way her services are very personalized and tailored to the individual, so even though I am living and working abroad, Heidi was able to meet my needs and gave me a finished product that was a hundred times better than what I initially sent to her. It was great to be able to consult with her through Skype and email at every step and know that I was in very capable hands.”

Tania C., Teacher

“I just wanted to say thank you, Heidi! I recently needed to have my resume updated. I sent an outdated copy to Heidi, and she put together an awesome resume for me. I got hired at the first job I applied for, and the Director of Operations there commented that I have an impressive resume. Thanks again, Heidi!”

Shannon B., Mechanical Designer and Quality Control Manager

“I strongly recommend that anyone needing a résumé written or updated should consider contacting this company. I have worked as a legal secretary, office manager, and personal assistant for over twenty years for the same Attorney. He decided to retire, which is great for him, however, his decision forced me to update my résumé. Not knowing what should go on a résumé and what employers are looking for, I contacted Heidi. We talked, I e-mailed her my very old résumé, I answered a few questions that she asked, and I had it back within a week. It looked great. I have to tell you that it was such a relief to have someone help me who knows how to properly put a résumé together in no time flat…AWESOME!!!”

Lisa T., Office Manager

“Heidi graciously helped me when I needed a résumé re-write for my last job search. I am an attorney and was looking at the time in federal government, an area in which I had not previously applied, and that had specific résumé requirements of which I knew little. She sincerely cares about her customers’ success. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants assistance in résumé or cover letter drafting or editing.”

Jennifer L., Attorney

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I just started my new job today with [golf company name removed], one of the companies I sent my cover letter and résumé to! Thank you so much for all of your help! I could not have gotten this position without your help! I will definitely refer anyone I hear of that needs help your way! Thanks again!”

Pete M., Regional Master Fitter

“I have been a substitute teacher for over seven years, and I wanted to make sure my résumé and cover effectively communicated all I have to offer as an educator. Heidi reviewed my documents and provided comments and suggestions for improvement. As I continued to update and edit my documents, she was available for any questions I had and happily provided the support I needed to successfully update my documents. Heidi is professional, helpful, and timely in her revisions and editing. Her assistance in updating my documents was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends, family, or co-workers in need of assistance with their professional documents.”

Beth T., Teacher

“As an ex- / alt-academic, my application materials for private industry positions really needed work. I knew that, but didn’t really know how to go about it. Heidi was extremely helpful in pointing out what needed to change and why. She was knowledgeable, patient and kind during our collaboration. The transition from academic CV to industry resume wasn’t so painful, thanks to Heidi. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Chris S., Ph.D., Social Scientist and Computational Linguist

“Heidi Giusto made invaluable changes to my résumé in less than 5 days. She took the time to thoroughly review my employment history, to get to know me, and to learn about the kind of employment I am seeking. In this tough economy, having someone care about my job search is critical. I am so grateful for everything she has done to improve my chances of being hired with a respectable company. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking new employment.”

Erin E., Service Administrator

“While word of mouth can often play a role in appointment for employment, I have complete confidence that Heidi’s coaching and resumé augmentation played a key role in helping my resumé stand out among the others up for selection. I landed a new job faster than anticipated after Heidi worked with me to bring about a most impressive resumé and cover letter suite.”

Shane G., Safety, Health, and Environment Professional

“I recently used my new resume in negotiations for a raise and new job at [multi-billion dollar global corporation]. The management team was very complimentary of my paper work and how timely I was able to put it together for them. They had no idea you and I were already working that request long before they asked. I would highly recommend that your clients maintain a resume in a readiness state at all times. In doing the pre-work and not being rushed I definitely benefited both financially and with the parameters of the job I accepted. I am glad I had a ready copy and was able to get an immediate response and feedback on my resume. I wish you luck and again, thank you for a job well done.”

Andy C., IT Sales Professional

“Heidi was simply wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond the call of duty to meet an important deadline, not only delivering outstanding documents, but also finding time to offer interview coaching over the phone with just a few days’ notice. Heidi had great flexibility in her schedule and I felt as though she was truly invested in my success. Most importantly, she helped me to develop high quality documents tailored to a specific job position. After submitting the resume and cover letter she drafted for me, I successfully completed an interview and selection process. At the conclusion of this, the interviewer mentioned specifically to me that the quality of my documents was excellent. What’s more, Heidi emphasizes developing resume and cover-letter writing skills in her practice. Through working with Heidi, I gained these extremely important skills that I know I will use throughout my career. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone.”

Katie L., Public Policy Professional

“I highly recommend Heidi Giusto and Career Path Writing Solutions. I used this service to update my résumé and cover letter in preparation for a job search. Heidi was professional, well-informed, and helped me to craft a résumé suitable for a senior level position. I am very pleased with the finished product, and I would definitely use Heidi and her company again!”

Crystal P., Ph.D., Human Performance Technologist and Instructional Designer

“Heidi took the time to ask me questions about my motivations and interests. She then used my answers to guide me in creating job-search documents that were dynamic and accurately reflected my accomplishments. Heidi also reminded me of the importance of networking and conducting informational interviews in the job-search process. Since I finished working with Heidi, I was offered three positions at various organizations and companies. I ultimately accepted a position in the exciting field of health communications, which perfectly aligns with my long-term research interests. Thank you for all your help and advice, Heidi!”

Wei-ting C., Ph.D. Candidate and Non-native English speaker

“I cannot thank Heidi enough for the consulting she provided me in revising my resume and cover letter. In just a couple of days, my resume was transfigured from vague and passable to high-powered and competitive. Heidi knew exactly how to use the job description as a guide for preparing my application materials, and coached me on turning my work duties into specific, quantifiable accomplishments. Before talking with Heidi, I would prepare application materials with a sense of self-deprecation, slightly ashamed of my credentials and truly believing that I was unmarketable as an employee. But after an in-depth consulting session and extensive revisions, I will always remember looking at my resume and actually being impressed with my accomplishments, confident that I was capable of doing complex and exciting things. So working with Heidi has not only been valuable for my professional life but also has given me a huge confidence boost in navigating this difficult job market. With her assistance, I feel like I have regained some control over the job search. I would turn to Career Path Writing Solutions again and again!”

Elizabeth J., Ph.D., Project Manager

“As a hiring manager, I have seen my fair share of résumés. When the time came for me to change jobs, I thought I knew what I needed to do to get my résumé ready to send out. But, not wanting to take any chances, I contacted Heidi to have her review it. While she did say it was a very strong résumé, she was still able to make some adjustments that really polished it and gave it a truly professional look. Heidi was great to work with, and I would highly recommend her services. After posting my résumé online, I had multiple headhunters contact me within a couple of days and had received a job offer in less than two weeks.”

Anthony D., Engineering Manager

“I’m a current client of Heidi’s, and she has exceeded my expectations in providing concise and compelling edits to my personal marketing campaign. You’ll be satisfied too!”

Chris P., Sales Strategy Consultant in Biotech

“I had just ended a recent job contract and knew that I needed to find a new job quickly. My résumé, however, had not been updated since 2004. I did my very best to add my previous work to the résumé, however, my résumé format seemed to be out-dated and needed quite a bit of polishing. As a working, single mother I found it difficult to do on my own. Dr. Heidi Giusto took on the task. She modernized my résumé, edited it, and used her skills to provide me with, not only a modern, fresh, professional résumé, but also with tips in case I wanted to make any further changes. She was thorough in her editing process, yet she kept the résumé as detailed as necessary. I was surprised at how quickly she turned my résumé into a much more professional version. She was also always available to give feedback if and when I had any questions. I am so happy with the quick turnaround and how wonderful my new résumé looks! I could never have done such a fabulous job on my own. Thanks, Heidi!”

Sam S., Children’s Service Worker

“Thanks to Heidi at Career Path Writing Solutions, I felt more confident going into an interview. Her approach is outstanding. It has been years since I have had an interview, and Heidi’s coaching made a huge impact on my mindset. I felt more prepared and very confident with my answers to the questions. I was actually offered the position. I believe the interview coaching helped immensely.”

Shannon B., QA/QC Specialist

“I contacted Heidi at Career Path Writing Solutions to rework my résumé when I began applying for jobs that would take my career in new directions. Heidi responded with a detailed analysis of my résumé and the position announcement creating a résumé that did more than speak to my skills in the position. She reworked my résumé paying attention to details I had not even thought of, asking me about how my earlier work might apply to critical key words and much more. She choreographed my résumé so that rather than just speak to my skills, she made it sing and dance to the tunes being called for by the employer. Were I to change fields again I would contact Heidi for another revision. I am already talking with Heidi about using her services for other writing projects. I am an award winning professional writer. Heidi has made my writing better.”

Orville B., CEO, Historian, and Author

“I am a Ph.D. who has been looking to update my skills for fields beyond academia. I highly recommend Heidi’s services for those looking to change fields and who want to boost their skills in résumé and cover letter writing. Heidi went above and beyond when working on my documents. Not only did she help edit my documents, but she also took the time to discuss with me the ways that I could further enhance my documents on my own. She provided positive feedback and valuable suggestions in a timely manner, and I will certainly enlist her services for any future cover letter and résumé needs.”

Jarret R., Ph.D., Researcher, Writer, Editor

“Heidi cares about the people she’s working to help. She combines positive feedback and enthusiasm with clearly formulated, specific editorial suggestions. She builds your confidence even as she pulls apart your work in order to strengthen it. And Heidi’s sunny disposition and personal warmth make the experience of having your writing critiqued utterly good and enjoyable.”

Abby G., Ph.D. Candidate and Fee-for-Service Psychotherapist

“Heidi Giusto is an extraordinary professional. She helped me bring together my vision and experience to target the requirements for a specific job opening. Mistakes that had eluded multiple readings did not escape her sharp eyes. I count the modest fee Heidi charged as an excellent investment.”

Hank, Human Rights Activist

“Four years ago Heidi helped me update my resume. Recently I decided to switch careers and contacted Heidi once again for help. This time around I also asked Heidi to help me with interview prep. With her guidance, I walked into the interview confident and prepared. Within days, I was offered the job. I highly recommend using Heidi to help prepare for interviews. The time she spent getting to know me, the job I was applying for, and what I wanted to work on was invaluable. Heidi’s dedication and professionalism can not be matched.”

Erin E., Customer Service Representative

“I highly recommend Heidi Giusto and Career Path Writing Solutions. I used this service to update my résumé and cover letter in preparation for a job search. Heidi was professional, well-informed, and helped me to craft a résumé suitable for a senior level position. I am very pleased with the finished product, and I would definitely use Heidi and her company again!”

Crystal P., Ph.D., Human Performance Technologist and Instructional Designer
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