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Strategies for Writing More Productively (and Holding Procrastination at Bay)

If you are struggling to write something—whether it’s a resume, personal statement, business document, or even social media content—you may succumb to tried-and-true procrastination techniques.

Checking email constantly? Seeing what’s happened in the news in the past 10 minutes? Writing a list of the things you need to do today and including things like “Wake Up” and “Drink Coffee” just so you can feel accomplished? If so, you may find Ilya Pozin’s article “8 Things Productive People Do” to be useful.

Pozin does not specifically address writing-related productivity, but many of his tips can be applied to establishing good writing habits, which will ultimately enable you to crank out your documents and then move on to other tasks.

The bottom line for producing content: focus on a few key things each day and keep your sights set on accomplishing them first—one at a time. Then you can go back to listening to the news … while checking your email … while sipping coffee … and writing a 6-page to-do list.

Heidi owns and operates Career Path Writing Solutions, a communications consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and businesses communicate when it matters most. She delights in helping job seekers navigate career change and guiding business owners to present their value proposition persuasively. Heidi earned her PhD in history from Duke University and teaches professional development for various university programs and organizations. She holds certifications in resume writing, interview preparation, and empowerment coaching, and sits on the Certification Committee of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

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