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“There is not enough good that I can say about my experience working with Heidi. After many years of hiring coaches with very little relative success, and after finding job searching in a new city after staying home with my son for 18 months particularly challenging, I got word of Heidi through a friend and it has changed my entire career trajectory. It was through her thoughtful and provocative career questions that I realized that I was very uniquely qualified for the jobs I wanted… and she was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to highlight in my background that would get me the job I deserved. She is an absolute wizard of getting down to brass tacks about your career and what you want, as well as using the power of words to get beyond your experience and really illustrate who you are as an employee. Within 30 days of speaking with Heidi, I had several interviews and accepted a job that has exceeded my wildest expectations. Heidi is an expert in a craft that can scarcely be found today; real conversation about who you are, what makes you good at what you do and what you can contribute to the CULTURE (as well as the bottom line) of a company. I would recommend her to anyone who asked.”

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