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“I cannot thank Heidi enough for the consulting she provided me in revising my resume and cover letter. In just a couple of days, my resume was transfigured from vague and passable to high-powered and competitive. Heidi knew exactly how to use the job description as a guide for preparing my application materials, and coached me on turning my work duties into specific, quantifiable accomplishments. Before talking with Heidi, I would prepare application materials with a sense of self-deprecation, slightly ashamed of my credentials and truly believing that I was unmarketable as an employee. But after an in-depth consulting session and extensive revisions, I will always remember looking at my resume and actually being impressed with my accomplishments, confident that I was capable of doing complex and exciting things. So working with Heidi has not only been valuable for my professional life but also has given me a huge confidence boost in navigating this difficult job market. With her assistance, I feel like I have regained some control over the job search. I would turn to Career Path Writing Solutions again and again!”

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