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“Without any prior knowledge of our organization, Heidi accepted a cold-call invitation to craft and lead a personal branding workshop for an audience of over 150 students, job seekers, and mid-career professionals interested in global health careers at the 2019 Triangle Global Health Career Day. She was an incredible partner to work with, and she effortlessly fit her expertise and passion into our event. She listened to our vision for the program, gave great feedback and honest input, and clearly took the experience seriously – ultimately delivering an informative and engaging workshop that was well structured, clearly communicated, and thoughtfully crafted. The workshop was highly rated by virtually all attendees who responded to our post-event survey, and many individuals shared comments highlighting it as their favorite session of the day. Heidi has an amazing skillset, and she has a great ability to share her expertise with many different audiences. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help in telling their story when the stakes are high!”

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