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“Dr. Giusto is a fantastic speaker and an insightful career counselor! I work at North Carolina State University with various leadership programs, and Dr. Giusto has worked with two of these groups. The first one involved a group of professionals who wanted more time with Dr. Giusto given her guidance regarding etiquette and skills for business communications. They told me afterwards that they got A LOT out of her session and wished we had scheduled a longer session with her! Dr. Giusto also served as a career counselor for a group of Ph.D. students who participated in a leadership program that I manage. They, too, were grateful for her insights and assistance with their CVs, cover letters and career searches. I look forward to a continued working relationship with Dr. Giusto as she is very knowledgeable, a stellar professional and a wonderful person who truly works to help and support those who seek her services.”

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