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“We hired Heidi to help our son, a junior in high school, strengthen his writing and topic research skills in preparation for several rigorous papers he is responsible for writing this year. Heidi was a perfect fit for this role and thoroughly professional. In addition to providing sound guidance she also researched the topic my son chose to write about so that she was totally prepared each time they met. She also provided very clear direction with regard to our son’s preparation for their next meeting. To sum it up, Heidi is a true professional and an expert when it comes to any form of writing at any level. She is a very valuable resource to have and we are indeed fortunate to have her.”

“Heidi provided excellent, insightful advice regarding my college essays and application. Thanks to Heidi’s help, I was able to get accepted to my first choice school, Wake Forest University. I highly encourage you to work with Heidi in your college application process.”

“I wanted to let you know that earlier today I got my acceptance letter! I’m so excited and so thankful for your input on my application! I know it helped a lot!”

“I have to thank you again for helping me with my writing. First off, I might not even be attending this school if you didn’t help me with my application essay! I also have some exciting news that I got today. I wrote my first paper for my composition class and received an A when everyone else didn’t do very well. I honestly could not be happier about it, and I thank you for helping me and giving me so many tips about writing. Hopefully I will get that on all of my papers! I thought I’d share that bit of information and say thank you, thank you, thank you once again!”

“My college essay was good, however, I wanted it to be fuller and to show the reviewers what kind of student I am and will be, but I was not sure how to do this. Heidi was extraordinarily helpful. She had amazing ideas and suggestions for improvements that enabled me to raise my essay to a level of excellence that helped my application stand out. Thanks to the help I received I was able to get into all of the colleges I applied to and am now looking forward to my college career.”

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