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“I was pleased to see that Margaret wrote a testimonial. She should update it, though. She was accepted by every graduate program to which she applied except one. The last is extremely selective: 12 spots for 350 applicants. They encouraged her to apply to their masters program, which offered her a place. She has decided on [name of university withheld] and is very excited about the program, the campus, and the community. Thank you again for your help with her personal statement!”

“Working with Heidi was a real pleasure!  It was crucial for me to work with someone who could help me along every step of my application process to four highly competitive graduate programs for mid-career professionals.  As a former admissions officer, she gave me strategic insights and accordingly coached me in order to set forth the aspects of my personal life and professional experience that could make my career goals and purpose statement outstanding and appealing to the eyes of the admissions committee.  Thus far I have been admitted to my top choice. I am very grateful to Heidi for understanding how important these applications were for me and for how committed she was to assisting me even in the middle of the holidays. I strongly recommend her!”

“Heidi has transformed my writing. Specifically, she helped me with applications for summer research fellowships. The impact she made on my applications was huge, and for proof, I got accepted into all of the ones she helped me with! With her editing, I became a competitive applicant as my applications were much stronger, clearer, and resolute. She helped me make the points that I was trying to convey, and my voice shined through. Let your hard work be expressed to the degree that it deserves! Tell your friends too!”

“Heidi was kind, patient, flexible, and professional. She did a marvelous job on my resume and letter of interest for my fellowship application. I actually learned how to write a letter of interest from Heidi. Her feedback was very helpful and she has always tried her best to accommodate me. My revised resume and letter of interest is now focused, professional, and tailored for the competitive fellowship for which I’m applying.”

“Thank you so much for all your help. I feel so much more confident in my personal statement because of your advisement. I was honestly very stressed about the quality of my application. Now, I am more positive about getting in the graduate school of my choice. Thank you again for your help.”

“Heidi is an extremely thorough editor. She not only has terrific attention to detail (no grammar or punctuation errors will get past her!), but also provides thoughtful substantive comments about how to shape an application essay. Her suggestions made my essays clearer and more effective application materials.”

“Heidi points out the problems in my writing sharply, and provides useful comments and professional editing. I really want to thank her for helping me improve my personal statements and resume efficiently. She is willing to help and is passionate about her career. As a non-native English speaker, I find that Heidi’s suggestions and editing make me more skilled in academic writing.”

“Dear Heidi, I wanted to thank you so much for the work we did together on my personal statement. Today I got accepted to the [name of research program removed], so of course I am very happy; but even beyond my temporary explosion of enthusiasm, I must say that working with you was such a pleasure and writing a personal statement — or more generally writing about myself—does not sound as scary as it did before! Thank you so much for all of your effort and patience. I look forward to working with you again!”

“I am a recent undergraduate and was applying for Masters of Fine Art and Masters in Art Therapy graduate schools. Both colleges had different requirements, and Heidi helped me with advising my artist statements and essays for applying. She was very knowledgeable in structure, grammar, and content of application essays. Heidi has insight on how to write effective application statements, and she helps you articulate what you are trying to say. With Heidi’s help I got accepted into the two graduate schools that I had applied for! Thanks, Heidi!!!”

“Being a non-native English speaker, Heidi’s expertise in polishing fellowship applications, academic writing, and research work while providing constructive feedback has made a strong difference in my professional career. In giving an outside perspective on my writing in English, Heidi made a significant contribution in improving my writing by helping me become familiar with the common grammatical and syntax mistakes I was making. Her advice and constructive suggestions helped me to build confidence and trust in my capacity to move to the next level of my career. Working with Heidi, I was able to apply and successfully get three academic fellowships, organize panel sessions for national and international conferences in my field, and articulate my ideas for my dissertation in a more clear and compelling manner. I would highly recommend working with Heidi to fully realize the contribution she can make in your professional life and the difference it would make for your short, middle, and long-term career plans.”

“I sought help from Heidi with my statement of purpose while I was applying for graduate programs in Clinical Psychology. She walked me through the entire process from tips on how to begin to helping me put the final touches on my statement. Heidi was such a pleasure to work with. She was encouraging, kind, and provided enormously helpful critiques and edits. So far, I have received two interview invitations! I would highly recommend Heidi Giusto for any professional writing assistance.”

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