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“Heidi is simply the best professional by far I’ve ever worked with on my CVs, resumes, and cover letters. Over the past year, her expert guidance and feedback significantly enhanced the impact of these materials. I can thank her for helping me become the next dean of the College of Business and Economics at Towson University. Since working with Heidi, I have recommended her to everyone whom I know is seeking to enhance their career. She is beyond terrific!”

“I am thrilled with the professional services that Heidi provided in rewriting my resume and cover letter, and crafting an impactful LinkedIn profile. I had struggled for years with writing and rewriting my resume and didn’t have any idea how to use social media to leverage my job search. Heidi worked with me quickly and efficiently to create a crisp resume that showcases my skills and experience. She also helped me brand myself with a professional LinkedIn profile and gave me strategies on how to maximize use of the platform. Since working with Heidi, views of my profile and contacts from recruiters have increased, and I am more confident when submitting my resume and cover letter for potential opportunities. I strongly recommend Heidi to anyone regardless of where they are in their career journey!”

“Heidi is an amazing asset to anyone making a career transition or simply looking to enhance their personal “brand”. I contracted with Heidi to rewrite my resume, and update my LinkedIn profile. She was incredibly professional and detail oriented in the process we worked through together, and lived up to every commitment she made to me. There are lots of folks out there that provide similar services, but she is the BEST!”

“Heidi has volunteered her time on numerous occasions to support the nonprofit organization Women In Bio. Every time I see Heidi in action I become increasingly impressed by the range and depth of her expertise. She has provided our group with insights into the importance of cultivating a LinkedIn presence, guidance on building a resume, and best practices for interviewing with confidence. She is kind, compassionate, incredibly intelligent, fierce, and bold! Heidi is everything you could want in a career coach and her knowledge is applicable to any career path.”

“Heidi was such a pleasure to work with. Thanks to her creativity, empathy, and expertise, I gained invaluable knowledge about how to succeed in my post-PhD job search. Because of the strategies she shared with me, I feel confident about how to present myself in my job search documents and interviews. In fact, I have a file of notes I took from our meetings along with resources from Heidi that I look back on for insights and next steps. Because Heidi is an educator as well as an expert, she taught me lessons in resume writing and interviewing that will benefit me throughout my career. I’m so glad I made this investment!

“Truth be told, I repeatedly hesitated hiring a professional to help create my resume when, after all, I’m an executive and should be capable of doing it myself. I can happily admit … Boy, I was wrong!! After researching several consultants, I felt that Heidi’s approach was a perfect fit to mold this very important document. During the interview for my most recent role, the Hiring Manager complimented my resume and stated, “This is, quite frankly, the most well thought out and best resume I’ve ever seen.” Heidi is the best of the best and I am a client for life! (Thank you, Heidi!)”

“Heidi is like the artist you need to show the professional world who you are, the only difference is that she has her pen and paper instead of her paint and brush. She is really curious to know you and your essence, what makes you tick and motivates. She will ask questions, listen carefully, is very punctual and committed, and very artistic with language. She paints your portrait in a fashion that will make you smile at yourself. I am grateful to have found her and totally recommend her. She is the artist!”

“There is not enough good that I can say about my experience working with Heidi. After many years of hiring coaches with very little relative success, and after finding job searching in a new city after staying home with my son for 18 months particularly challenging, I got word of Heidi through a friend and it has changed my entire career trajectory. It was through her thoughtful and provocative career questions that I realized that I was very uniquely qualified for the jobs I wanted… and she was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to highlight in my background that would get me the job I deserved. She is an absolute wizard of getting down to brass tacks about your career and what you want, as well as using the power of words to get beyond your experience and really illustrate who you are as an employee. Within 30 days of speaking with Heidi, I had several interviews and accepted a job that has exceeded my wildest expectations. Heidi is an expert in a craft that can scarcely be found today; real conversation about who you are, what makes you good at what you do and what you can contribute to the CULTURE (as well as the bottom line) of a company. I would recommend her to anyone who asked.”

“Heidi gave me some great insight about applying for jobs. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a better position (entry level all the way up to president) who needs pointers. One day, a classmate introduced me (via LI of course) to Heidi. She was holding a seminar on how to do interviews, so I decided to attend. At the seminar, I met some great people and was able to work on some essential skills in doing interviews. We talked about strategy, preparation, and execution. A few months later, I used the things we talked about at the seminar and landed an engineering position I didn’t think I would be able to get. Heidi: you have been a blessing to me and my family and I just want to say thank you for what you did. I would not have been able to do this without your help.”

“I had been a stay-at-home mom for five years and was ready to re-enter the workforce. Because my résumé had not been updated in the past 10 years, a friend recommended Heidi to assist me in revising it. I sent my résumé to Heidi along with additional work experience and information I wanted to add. Within days of sending my résumé to Heidi, I received it back. It was amazing. My résumé was modern, professionally edited, and easy to follow. I was offered a Sales Manager position within a couple of weeks. Thank you so much, Heidi. You are a life saver.”

“As a current business development professional and former academic, I needed to work with someone who understood what counts in both environments. After trying a comparable company and feeling discouraged, I found Career Path Writing Solutions. Heidi really “got it”. She was able to translate my academic skills for the business world and transform my resume into a document that packed a punch in each line. She delivered the service in a responsive, timely and professional manner. Now I have a lineup of documents I want Heidi to look at! Very highly recommend. “

“Thank you for taking my old, mundane résumé and turning it into an attention-getting résumé that now tells a story of who I am. You are a talented writer who skillfully and creatively took an average résumé and turned it into something unique that details my experience in a clear, concise way. Your innovative way with words translated my past experience into a transferable skill-set that companies are now noticing. In today’s market there is no question that competition is fierce, and it is imperative to stand out from the crowd. I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone who wants to be considered a serious candidate in a tough job market.”

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