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“Writing a résumé can be as much fun as going to the dentist, but Heidi made the process painless through her constructive feedback and expertise. I especially like the way her services are very personalized and tailored to the individual, so even though I am living and working abroad, Heidi was able to meet my needs and gave me a finished product that was a hundred times better than what I initially sent to her. It was great to be able to consult with her through Skype and email at every step and know that I was in very capable hands.”

“I just wanted to say thank you, Heidi! I recently needed to have my resume updated. I sent an outdated copy to Heidi, and she put together an awesome resume for me. I got hired at the first job I applied for, and the Director of Operations there commented that I have an impressive resume. Thanks again, Heidi!”

“I strongly recommend that anyone needing a résumé written or updated should consider contacting this company. I have worked as a legal secretary, office manager, and personal assistant for over twenty years for the same Attorney. He decided to retire, which is great for him, however, his decision forced me to update my résumé. Not knowing what should go on a résumé and what employers are looking for, I contacted Heidi. We talked, I e-mailed her my very old résumé, I answered a few questions that she asked, and I had it back within a week. It looked great. I have to tell you that it was such a relief to have someone help me who knows how to properly put a résumé together in no time flat…AWESOME!!!”

“Heidi graciously helped me when I needed a résumé re-write for my last job search. I am an attorney and was looking at the time in federal government, an area in which I had not previously applied, and that had specific résumé requirements of which I knew little. She sincerely cares about her customers’ success. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants assistance in résumé or cover letter drafting or editing.”

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I just started my new job today with [golf company name removed], one of the companies I sent my cover letter and résumé to! Thank you so much for all of your help! I could not have gotten this position without your help! I will definitely refer anyone I hear of that needs help your way! Thanks again!”

“I have been a substitute teacher for over seven years, and I wanted to make sure my résumé and cover effectively communicated all I have to offer as an educator. Heidi reviewed my documents and provided comments and suggestions for improvement. As I continued to update and edit my documents, she was available for any questions I had and happily provided the support I needed to successfully update my documents. Heidi is professional, helpful, and timely in her revisions and editing. Her assistance in updating my documents was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends, family, or co-workers in need of assistance with their professional documents.”

“As an ex- / alt-academic, my application materials for private industry positions really needed work. I knew that, but didn’t really know how to go about it. Heidi was extremely helpful in pointing out what needed to change and why. She was knowledgeable, patient and kind during our collaboration. The transition from academic CV to industry resume wasn’t so painful, thanks to Heidi. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

“Heidi Giusto made invaluable changes to my résumé in less than 5 days. She took the time to thoroughly review my employment history, to get to know me, and to learn about the kind of employment I am seeking. In this tough economy, having someone care about my job search is critical. I am so grateful for everything she has done to improve my chances of being hired with a respectable company. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking new employment.”

“While word of mouth can often play a role in appointment for employment, I have complete confidence that Heidi’s coaching and resumé augmentation played a key role in helping my resumé stand out among the others up for selection. I landed a new job faster than anticipated after Heidi worked with me to bring about a most impressive resumé and cover letter suite.”

“I recently used my new resume in negotiations for a raise and new job at [multi-billion dollar global corporation]. The management team was very complimentary of my paper work and how timely I was able to put it together for them. They had no idea you and I were already working that request long before they asked. I would highly recommend that your clients maintain a resume in a readiness state at all times. In doing the pre-work and not being rushed I definitely benefited both financially and with the parameters of the job I accepted. I am glad I had a ready copy and was able to get an immediate response and feedback on my resume. I wish you luck and again, thank you for a job well done.”

“Heidi was simply wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond the call of duty to meet an important deadline, not only delivering outstanding documents, but also finding time to offer interview coaching over the phone with just a few days’ notice. Heidi had great flexibility in her schedule and I felt as though she was truly invested in my success. Most importantly, she helped me to develop high quality documents tailored to a specific job position. After submitting the resume and cover letter she drafted for me, I successfully completed an interview and selection process. At the conclusion of this, the interviewer mentioned specifically to me that the quality of my documents was excellent. What’s more, Heidi emphasizes developing resume and cover-letter writing skills in her practice. Through working with Heidi, I gained these extremely important skills that I know I will use throughout my career. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone.”

“I highly recommend Heidi Giusto and Career Path Writing Solutions. I used this service to update my résumé and cover letter in preparation for a job search. Heidi was professional, well-informed, and helped me to craft a résumé suitable for a senior level position. I am very pleased with the finished product, and I would definitely use Heidi and her company again!”

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