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“Heidi took the time to ask me questions about my motivations and interests. She then used my answers to guide me in creating job-search documents that were dynamic and accurately reflected my accomplishments. Heidi also reminded me of the importance of networking and conducting informational interviews in the job-search process. Since I finished working with Heidi, I was offered three positions at various organizations and companies. I ultimately accepted a position in the exciting field of health communications, which perfectly aligns with my long-term research interests. Thank you for all your help and advice, Heidi!”

“I cannot thank Heidi enough for the consulting she provided me in revising my resume and cover letter. In just a couple of days, my resume was transfigured from vague and passable to high-powered and competitive. Heidi knew exactly how to use the job description as a guide for preparing my application materials, and coached me on turning my work duties into specific, quantifiable accomplishments. Before talking with Heidi, I would prepare application materials with a sense of self-deprecation, slightly ashamed of my credentials and truly believing that I was unmarketable as an employee. But after an in-depth consulting session and extensive revisions, I will always remember looking at my resume and actually being impressed with my accomplishments, confident that I was capable of doing complex and exciting things. So working with Heidi has not only been valuable for my professional life but also has given me a huge confidence boost in navigating this difficult job market. With her assistance, I feel like I have regained some control over the job search. I would turn to Career Path Writing Solutions again and again!”

“As a hiring manager, I have seen my fair share of résumés. When the time came for me to change jobs, I thought I knew what I needed to do to get my résumé ready to send out. But, not wanting to take any chances, I contacted Heidi to have her review it. While she did say it was a very strong résumé, she was still able to make some adjustments that really polished it and gave it a truly professional look. Heidi was great to work with, and I would highly recommend her services. After posting my résumé online, I had multiple headhunters contact me within a couple of days and had received a job offer in less than two weeks.”

“I’m a current client of Heidi’s, and she has exceeded my expectations in providing concise and compelling edits to my personal marketing campaign. You’ll be satisfied too!”

“I had just ended a recent job contract and knew that I needed to find a new job quickly. My résumé, however, had not been updated since 2004. I did my very best to add my previous work to the résumé, however, my résumé format seemed to be out-dated and needed quite a bit of polishing. As a working, single mother I found it difficult to do on my own. Dr. Heidi Giusto took on the task. She modernized my résumé, edited it, and used her skills to provide me with, not only a modern, fresh, professional résumé, but also with tips in case I wanted to make any further changes. She was thorough in her editing process, yet she kept the résumé as detailed as necessary. I was surprised at how quickly she turned my résumé into a much more professional version. She was also always available to give feedback if and when I had any questions. I am so happy with the quick turnaround and how wonderful my new résumé looks! I could never have done such a fabulous job on my own. Thanks, Heidi!”

“Thanks to Heidi at Career Path Writing Solutions, I felt more confident going into an interview. Her approach is outstanding. It has been years since I have had an interview, and Heidi’s coaching made a huge impact on my mindset. I felt more prepared and very confident with my answers to the questions. I was actually offered the position. I believe the interview coaching helped immensely.”

“I contacted Heidi at Career Path Writing Solutions to rework my résumé when I began applying for jobs that would take my career in new directions. Heidi responded with a detailed analysis of my résumé and the position announcement creating a résumé that did more than speak to my skills in the position. She reworked my résumé paying attention to details I had not even thought of, asking me about how my earlier work might apply to critical key words and much more. She choreographed my résumé so that rather than just speak to my skills, she made it sing and dance to the tunes being called for by the employer. Were I to change fields again I would contact Heidi for another revision. I am already talking with Heidi about using her services for other writing projects. I am an award winning professional writer. Heidi has made my writing better.”

“I am a Ph.D. who has been looking to update my skills for fields beyond academia. I highly recommend Heidi’s services for those looking to change fields and who want to boost their skills in résumé and cover letter writing. Heidi went above and beyond when working on my documents. Not only did she help edit my documents, but she also took the time to discuss with me the ways that I could further enhance my documents on my own. She provided positive feedback and valuable suggestions in a timely manner, and I will certainly enlist her services for any future cover letter and résumé needs.”

“Heidi cares about the people she’s working to help. She combines positive feedback and enthusiasm with clearly formulated, specific editorial suggestions. She builds your confidence even as she pulls apart your work in order to strengthen it. And Heidi’s sunny disposition and personal warmth make the experience of having your writing critiqued utterly good and enjoyable.”

“Heidi Giusto is an extraordinary professional. She helped me bring together my vision and experience to target the requirements for a specific job opening. Mistakes that had eluded multiple readings did not escape her sharp eyes. I count the modest fee Heidi charged as an excellent investment.”

“Four years ago Heidi helped me update my resume. Recently I decided to switch careers and contacted Heidi once again for help. This time around I also asked Heidi to help me with interview prep. With her guidance, I walked into the interview confident and prepared. Within days, I was offered the job. I highly recommend using Heidi to help prepare for interviews. The time she spent getting to know me, the job I was applying for, and what I wanted to work on was invaluable. Heidi’s dedication and professionalism can not be matched.”

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