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6 Ways to Network “Pandemic-Style”

Networking is one of the most important activities professionals can engage in if they want to proactively manage their careers. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to this activity, and the biggest is also the most obvious: group gatherings have…

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Ace Your One-Way Video Interview

Congratulations! You just received notification that you’ve been invited to interview for your dream job! This exciting news is quickly followed by detailed instructions for your interview—how to log in, record your answers with your webcam, and then submit them…

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Vital Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Video interviews—interviews occurring while using live video conferencing software—are increasingly common for many reasons: ease of use, preference over phone interviews, cost effectiveness, and the ubiquity of the software, to name a few. Because of these reasons, it’s imperative that…

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Non-Traditional Continuing Education to Keep You Sharp

Continuing education keeps professionals sharp and relevant in their respective fields. Even the most seasoned professionals can benefit from continuing education: it provides the opportunity to make new connections, gain new perspectives, stay on top of trends, set an example by taking initiative for growth, and deepen knowledge and expertise.
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Editing Techniques for Leaner, More Powerful Writing

“Rewriting is where the game is won or lost; rewriting is the essence of writing.” These are the words of famous American writer and journalist William Zinsser in On Writing Well, a resource familiar to the majority of professional writers. Now, I’m not suggesting you repeatedly rewrite a simple email to ask a colleague to lunch.
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