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gold trophy in blue box for when you create a standout resume

7 Essential Elements to Create a Standout Resume

In a sea of competing applications, how do you create a standout resume? I entertained this question when a job seeker recently asked me what makes a resume exceptional. Here are seven key elements that can transform your resume from…

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arrow in bull's eye to portray LinkedIn strategy that delivers results

Develop a LinkedIn Strategy That Delivers Results

This is the final post in my three-part blog miniseries on LinkedIn, which focuses on helping you develop an effective strategy for your overall use of the platform. For tips and strategies specific to your profile, please check out part…

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paper with check and text that says update your linkedin profile

Update Your LinkedIn Profile in 10 Easy Steps

This is the first part of my LinkedIn blog miniseries. Please be sure to check out the brief companion YouTube tutorial video that accompanies this post, in which I give tips on how navigate LinkedIn, add and edit sections, and…

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